How to convert python tuple to string

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In this tutorial, we will learn about converting python tuple to string object.

Python Tuple To String

For converting Tuple object to String, we will use String’s join method.

Syntax : < String Object >.join(< Iterable Object >)

This method returns a string, which is a concatenation of all the strings in a tuple ( iterable ). The separator between the elements of the tuple is a string object on which join method is called. An Exception ( Type Error ) will be raised, if tuple contains any non-string element.


# create tuple object and assign it to variable t t = ('Jan','Feb','Mar','Jan') # create single space string and assign it to variable separator separator = ' ' # call join() method on separator by passing tuple t as an argument output = separator.join(t) # print the value of variable output print(output) # second example with '-' as a separator separator = '-' output = separator.join(t) print(output)

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