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Java 8 Array Join – How to join arrays in java using stream API

1 month ago Lalit Bhagtani 0
Java 8 Array Join In this tutorial, we will learn about how to join (merge) two or more arrays in Java 8 using Stream API. Problem Statement Given an arrays of string data type, merge them together and print all of its values. To implement this, we will use Stream Class of Stream API. Result :-  Read More

Java 8 Arrays parallelPrefix method Example

2 years ago Lalit Bhagtani 0
In this tutorial, we will learn about Java 8 Arrays parallelPrefix method. parallelPrefix() method :- This method takes one array of Objects and one BinaryOperator as an argument. It apply passed BinaryOperator function on each element of the given array in parallel to update it. Let’s suppose, we have an array as Read More