10 Coins Puzzle (Interview Puzzle)

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10 Coins Puzzle :- There are 10 coins placed on the table, 5 coins head up and 5 coins tails up. You are blindfolded and are allowed to touch the coins but you can’t tell which one heads up or tails up just by feeling and you can flip the coins any number of times. How do you make two piles of coins each with the same number of heads up?

10 Coins Puzzle

Now try to solve this on your own…

Solution 10 Coins Puzzle :-

It is very easy to solve this problem, just make 2 piles of coins with 5 coins each and then flip any one of the pile.

Here is the explanation how it works, for easy understanding let’s name them.

A : H T H T T

B : H H H T T

Now A is flipped,

A : T H T H H

A(Heads) = B(Heads) = 3

And when B is flipped,

B : T T T H H

A(Heads) = B(Heads) = 2

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