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How to parse JSON in JavaScript :- 

If you had worked on angularJS or any other modern java script framework, then you would have noticed that, now days restful web services are used to communicate ( Getting data or Posting data ) with the server. In restful web services, JSON format is used ( mostly ) as a data-interchange format. So to use it in java script, we first have to parse it and convert it, to an object. JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation, it is language independent, easy to understand, lightweight data-interchange format.How to parse JSON in JavaScriptLet’s see how to parse JSON in JavaScript :- 

Sample JSON

JSON for book type :-

   "id": "01",
   "language": "Java",
   "edition": "third",
   "author": [ "Herbert", "Json", "Andrew" ],
   "chapters": {
                 "Chapter-1": "Introduction",
                 "Chapter-2": "OOP's Concept"

Example :-


var json = '{"id": "01","language": "Java","edition": "third","author": ["Herbert", "Json", "Andrew"],"chapters": {"Chapter-1": "Introduction","Chapter-2": "OOP's Concept"}}'; 
var jsonObject = JSON.parse(json);

alert(; // 01

alert(jsonObject["chapters"].Chapter-1); // Introduction

alert([0]; // Herbert


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References :- 

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