3 Mislabeled Boxes Puzzle (Interview Puzzle)

3 years ago Lalit Bhagtani 0

3 Mislabeled Boxes Puzzle :- You have given 3 boxes, One contains the red color ball, another contains the blue color ball and the third one contains the green color ball. All boxes are mislabeled, which means blue label box does not contain the blue color ball, red label box does not contain the red color ball and green label box does not contain the green color ball.

What is the minimum number of boxes you have to open to correct labels of all the boxes?

3 Mislabeled Boxes Puzzle

Now try to solve this on your own…

Solution :-

You can correct the labels of all the boxes by just opening the one box.

Here is the explanation how it works,

Let’s suppose you have open red label box and found the green color ball and you know that all boxes are mislabeled. So blue label box will contain red color ball as it can’t contain the blue color ball and the green color ball is already found in the red label box. Similarly, green label box will contain the blue color ball.

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